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Online Documentation - 6.4.2 and Earlier

Welcome to help.earthsoft.com, EarthSoft's Online Documentation center!

The EarthSoft Online documentation and release notes are provided with the EQuIS installation files starting starting with EQuIS 6.5 release. These links can also be accessed from the Online Documentation Dashboard on the EarthSoft Community Center.

Search here for 6.4.2 and earlier article versions based on the correlating letter below.

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Use the toolbar located on the left of the page to navigate the available EQuIS Documentation.

  • Search this wiki - Search all of the EQuIS Documentation using keywords.
  • The Alphabetical Index and Title Index - Search through the online documentation pages in alphabetical order.
  • New and Updated Articles - View recently created, edited, and updated articles.
  • Page Hierarchy - Allows a broad hierarchy of titles.
  • Tags - View and search available tags.
  • Search Tips - EarthSoft Online Documentation search features.
  • - EarthSoft provides many tutorial videos, Office Hour videos, and more. Corresponding articles will include video links for downloading, to slideshare, and to youtube. To learn more navigating details about EarthSoft's Online Documentation site, view or download the video by clicking on the correlating icon in the articles.
  • EarthSoft Support Request Guide - Use this guide to communicate issues effectively when opening support requests.

For archived EQuIS documentation, contact support@earthsoft.com.

To create printable versions of Help.EarthSoft.com, visit here.

Contact support@earthsoft.com for more information.


A video detailing the functionalities of Help.EarthSoft.com is available. Click the correlating icon to download.

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